Perioscopy - Dental Endoscopy

A new technique utilizing a dental endoscope (Perioscope), which features miniaturized digital video technology, enables the periodontal clinician to see magnified details of tooth anatomy and deposits below the gumline during routine scaling and root planing (SRP) procedures.  For the first time, the periodontal clinician can effectively clean under the gumline in comparable fashion to an open surgical cleaning.


How does the dental endoscope work?

  • A miniature camera is attached to a tiny probe and then gently placed below the gumline.  The images are immediately displayed on a chairside video screen for your clinician and you to see.  The dental endoscope provides between 40X-50X magnification, disclosing minute details under the gums that, before the advent of this technology, might easily be missed.

What are the advantages of using the dental endoscope during SRP?

  • The Perioscope allows your clinician to see, accurately diagnose and effectively treat periodontal disease and other clinical conditions, which might otherwise go undetected and ultimately undermine your oral health and perhaps even affect your overall well-being.  The Periscope is a great new tool in the preservation of natural teeth and the fight against periodontal disease.

How long does using the dental endoscope take?

  • Because of the intricate clinical nature, SRP utilizing the Periocope tends to take a bit longer than traditional stand-alone SRP.  Depending on the condition and location of the disease being treated, the addition of this technique can add 1-2 additional hours to your appointment.

Does it hurt?

  • Using the dental endoscope adds no more discomfort then having traditional SRP in your general dentist's office.  As with all procedures in the periodontal specialist's office, local anesthesia is always used to numb the areas of treatment.  Your periodontal specialty team is committed to taking the appropriate steps to ensure your comfort.


In keeping with our commitment to stay on the forefront of medical and dental technological innovations and also providing the highest quality of care, your periodontist and periodontal hygienist have received special training in the use of the Perioscope.  This periodontal practice is pleased to be able to provide you with state-of-the-art treatment and are always happy to discuss any questions you may have.

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